Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Will Steacy - Down These Mean Streets

Will Steacy was born in 1980 and is an American photographer and writer. He worked as a union construction labourer before becoming a photographer.

“Down These Mean Streets, my current project, examines fear and the abandonment of America’s inner cities. I am interested in the parts of the city you don’t want to be in at night; the part of town you drive through – not to – with the windows rolled up and doors locked.”

Steacy was almost killed in an armed robbery and claims this was the point when his eyes started to really see. “My work is about being alive. My photographs are about life. And I push it as far as I can with every photograph I take. Sometimes this puts me in some very tight situations that could go many ways. I think a lot of it is about instincts—how well you can judge a situation before it goes bad.”

“I have lived in cities all my life and growing up in a city I have always had the most direct experiences with inner city life and those experiences at a young age had a great impact on me. While they hurt and frightened me as a boy, they also taught me very early on the order of things, the social dichotomy of the inner city.”

Steacy is currently exhibiting at Fotofest in Houston Texas.

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