Monday, 29 March 2010

Mac Motorcycles

Motorcycles? I hear you exclaim. No, beautiful first rate design.

Mac Motorcycles are based in Upton upon Severn in Worcestershire, a fairly unlikely place to start the rebirth of the British motorbike industry, but what do we know?

Designed by Xenophya Design whose client list includes Triumph, Ducati, Aprila and Yamaha. Their brief was as follows.
• Simple to maintain.
• Nothing surplus-to-requirements.
• Chopper and bobber references/details.
• The lines of a rigid frame but with suspension.
• Use a Buell 'Blast' motor and exploit its shape.
• Harley posture, flat-tracker manners, Ducati handling.
• Exploit the power-to-weight ratio of a 500cc single in a lightweight chassis.
• A return to the spirit of motorcycling - the journey is the experience / story.

I dont know a huge amount about bikes but if they've got the technical spec as right as they've got the design these will be great bikes and with names like 'the Spud', 'the Peashooter', 'the Ruby' and 'the Roarer' whats not to like?

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