Friday, 19 March 2010

The London Police in Miami

The London Police have been at it again. This monstrous piece – weighing in at over 100 feet by 20 feet – tells a story that involves creation, love, and the manufacturing of happiness.

Bob Gibson of The London Police says “It’s the father or mother of all of these characters, [which are] dropped down. Then they move their way across this conveyor belt. When the characters are finished, they get carried away, and the rejects end up in this bin here. And when the gate is closed, it’s like they’re in jail,”

“When I was in Amsterdam and thinking about the piece, I couldn’t envision what we were going to make until we got here,” Gibson says. “And once we got here, and I saw how long the wall was, I felt like we really had to tell a story. And then the left to right reading of the wall meant that there had to be some kind of movement, or some kind of suggestion of movement, so the conveyor belt was the suggestion for the work.”

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