Thursday, 4 March 2010

Chris McVeigh

Chris McVeigh is a photographer/ illustrator from Halifax Nova Scotia. His pictures are fun and fanboyish with many of them using action figures and Lego.

Of these pictures he said “The critters you see in these pics are wild chipmunks that live in my folk’s backyard. Using a few simple techniques, I was able to get them to socialize with us on a regular basis (and certain chipmunks would even come to the yard when I whistled.) Each of them were quite comical and very easy to get along with, as you can probably tell from these pictures. And in case there is any doubt, I want to assure you that these pictures are real and not clever composites made in Photoshop. Chipmunks can be very easy to get along with, once you’ve taken the time to befriend them. ”

The pictures gained the attention of Lucasfilm, who featured one of his pictures on the front page of!

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