Thursday, 29 April 2010


For years ruedione,  born in heidelberg, germany in 1975, was an active graffiti writer and the documentation of his own works led him to photography. He says that passion, obsession and even addiction connects him to the medium these days but now he exclusively uses the camera for his works. For almost a decade, he has been documenting the writers` scene and has thus remained a part of it as its visual chronicler. It makes the viewer feel what graffiti is about on the emotional side. The images show all the tension, the adrenalin and the kicks that graffiti writers experience.

He takes us on a visual expedition into a world that usually is restricted to the members of a very small scene. His photos show the active graffiti scene worldwide, wether  it be New York city, Sao Paulo or Hamburg.
"In 2002 i started a project ... later called BACKFLASHES. The intention was to visualize the "bombing feeling" that many writers worldwide experience every day...or better night.

To achieve this goal I was traveling worldwide to meet writers and join them on their nightly adventures.

Many years ago, this feeling/this thrill kept as well myself going out at night and when I look back, I can say that this movement was probably one of the strongest influences in my life.


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