Monday, 5 April 2010

Matt Logue - Empty L.A.

Matt Logue is a Los Angeles based artist, photographer, his latest work ‘Empty L.A.’ is an eerily beautiful vision of a world without people.

“The inspiration for the series came, perhaps predictably, while on the freeway, driving to work. The thoughts that kept coming back was, “How did we get here? Why did we do it like this?” From there, I imagined an empty city, the sounds you would hear in the skyscraper canyons, the animals returning to make their homes in the shelters we’d built. After that, I simply had to see it, I couldn’t not do it, so after working out a technique to do it through trial and error, spend most of my free time for the past four years working on the images.” Says Logue interviewed by ‘the art life’.

Logue’s images are digital composites. “They’re mosaics of anywhere from thirty to well over one hundred images, all taken as close as possible to each other in time, and hand-blended in such a way as to remove the cars and people.” Knowing this it’s easy to understand that Logue has previously worked for over three years in New Zealand working on effects for the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films.

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