Saturday, 17 April 2010

Paint Club

The conscious and determined competition with an opponent has urged people for ages. Who ever has fought or acquired a victory turns into hero, idol, audience favourite, pioneer or captain. This urge to win and to go down in history as a glorious victor has always spawned creative and surprising peak-performances. So many times the winners of tomorrow are the most auspicious talents of today. Exactly this is the stuff dreams are made of.

Even amongst illustrators, designers, comic artists and street artists, there are a plethora of undiscovered or even discovered talents, only waiting to prove and to compete their skills, their creativity and their virtuosity. Unfortunately there is no appropriate platform for the creative contest of the global urban art movement. The time has come for the PAINT CLUB.

128 artists forming 64 teams are going to join this year in eight European countries the creative, interactive competition having the aim to win the national champion title. The winner teams from each country compete then against each other in order to define the international champion. Coloured paint markers and white canvases are the general basics of every tournament. The decision over victory or defeat will be made by the audience together with the judges.

The fascination of the PAINT CLUB arises through the interaction with the audience, the battle between the different teams and through the cooperation and the strategy within the singular teams.

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