Friday, 30 April 2010

Julien Berthier

French artist Julien Berthier’s public installation art rearranges and subverts reality by forcing paradoxes and illusions in our environment — a balcony attached to a crane that can be placed against any building, an apparently sinking boat that’s actually a sculpture that’s safely anchored, or a tree stump that looks like it’s chopping itself down with a limb that’s been turned into an ax.

But our favourite has to be his piece called 'Les Spécialistes'. One Saturday morning at 7am back in 2006 a blank wall in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris was give a face lift. A facade was created using local architectural codes and occupying only 10 cm of public space, is mounted and glued onto the blank wall taking less than 30 minutes. Almost four years later the Address still exists. Regularly graffittied, it is cleaned by the city services like any other entrance way in the city.

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