Monday, 17 May 2010

Scraper Bikes

Scraper Bikes are a phenomenon that came out of East Oakland California on the back of the Scraper craze amongst young men in the area. Scrapers are 80's and 90's luxury cars that are tricked out with candy paint jobs and flash rims so that often the value of the accessories are more than that of the vehicle.

"Let's set the record str8 once again. A scraper is an old or new school, primarily Buick or Oldsmobile. That is a scraper by itself. Now since riding scrapers like they are a luxury cay originated in The Town, Oakland, CA USA, we stunt our scrapers with 22's dvd's candy paint, etc. And for the record, we don't ride whistle tips no stop saying that ancient stuff. We ride suction tips that make a totally different sound. Str8 up!"

"Straight Outta East Oakland where it all started.......
A scraper is any G.M. car from tha 80's and 90's century,park ave,regal,le saber jus to name a few..Yo shit aint a Scraper till u put that G-thang on some 4's(24 inch rims if u lame)wit hella clap in yo trunk and like 4 coats of paint that make that thang look like a sucked on Jolly Rancher... "

The Scraper Bike thing is based on the same principals of customising your ride and has become a way for the youth of East Oakland to feel like they belong to something, show off and just have fun whilst keeping out of gangs and staying out of trouble.

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