Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Nuno Oliveira - Pool Party

Whilst the folks here at 'gone tomorrow' don't know an awful lot about BMX riding we know a nice set of pictures when we see them.

These pictures were taken by Nuno Oliveira this last weekend at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley California.This was the scene of Dean Dickenson's latest pool party.

Dean Dickinson is pretty much known in the BMX world as the pool rider. He’s had photos and videos riding pools in magazines and on the Internet. He’s also made a documentary film on pool riding, and recently he rode his 100th pool.

Of this weekends event photographer Oliveira said " The setup was pretty wild as the Pink Motel is a functioning Motel with a throwback vibe, that also has an un-operational Diner on the property. The Diner is mainly used for movie/commercial and photo shoots, but serves no actual food. The owner actually opened it up and let me in too. There’s a junkyard on the property and the abandoned pool is in the back lot. It’s a wild scene, but pretty interesting."

Nice pictures.

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